> Earthly Studio

Earthly is an exploratory research and design studio operating at the margins of the real and the realizable.

Earthly applies outsider perspectives and emerging techniques to produce works that shape new relationships between humanity, technology and living environments.

Earthly is alive and listening.
Searching and connecting.
Always engaging.
Mutually exchanging.
Being and becoming.

> Earthly Archive

Earthly functions as an integrated platform and follows an adaptive process of growth, continuosuly publishing an open archive of research material and project outcomes.

Our archive adheres to ISO-OAIS standards administered by our central resource EIKOS. An archive search tool is currently in development and expected to launch in 2022, and will make the studio’s output fully accessible and free for non-commercial re-use.   

> Contact Earthly 

To reach the studio please address your enquiry to:


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